Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Daily Lama

Somebody, and it might have been Patrul Rinpoche, said that there are two things you should never discuss: the faults of others, and future plans. Newspapers break both those rules on a daily basis, don't they?

Anyway, we have had some fun in here during the past few months, haven't we? All sorts of pontification and arcane explorations. Sometimes I feel like a newspaper columnist -- and whether that is gossip columnist or society columnist I just can't say.

Maybe it is the funny papers.

I'm off on another round of travel. Might be brief, might be longer. Depends if I can stand the conditions. Naturally, I will not be reporting live during travel time in remote areas. I am debating whether or not to take the sat phone -- I mean, there you are, out in the middle of nowhere, and the phone rings? That never feels right. Always feels like a 1950s space movie. People say, "Oh! In case of emergency!" Well, who are you going to call? The Air Force?

Anyway, in anticipation of all these great and wonderful adventures, I have prepared and scheduled some things that will post automatically, at 12:01 A.M. Hong Kong Time, as always. This should go without a glitch, unless I mistakenly put P.M. instead of A.M., which I sometimes do, but no worries. My collaborators will also fill in -- they have been practicing with "Hemingway Contests," and so forth.

I am telling you all this in case we auto-post something about Kansas on a Thursday, when it was actually sucked up into a tornado on Tuesday, and we really should be talking about Oz.

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Unknown said...

So are you writing all the Tibetan Astrology posts or are those being written by someone else when you're traveling?

Watch out for flying monkeys!