Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: August 15, 2009

Chinese 25th, M-T-K 25th. Monkey, Zin, Green 4. Back in synch for this most auspicious Dakini Day! Note that the 24th is excised from the Tibetan calendar this month. So, apart from Dakini Day what do we have? Seems we have a festive Saturday, so keep it light and happy. However, I do want to continue with yesterday's explanatory theme, if only to sensitize you -- dear, sensitive reader -- to the nuances of our seemingly simple, daily prognostications.

So, what is the element today?

The mewa is Green 4, which subsumes wood. The parkha is Zin, which subsumes wood. Consulting the full Kalachakra system entry tells us today is a Wood Monkey. Guess we're dealing with wood? Correct-a-mundo! Monkey days are always good for planting trees. Zin days are likewise good for planting trees. So, what do we do today?

Plant a tree today, and celebrate with a wonderful Dakini Puja! If it were me, I'd even organize an entire tree-planting party.

blished every day at 00:01 港時間 but written in advance and auto-posted. See our Introduction to Daily Tibetan Astrology for background information. If you know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can get information about your positive and negative days by clicking here. For specific information about the astrology of 2009, inclusive of elements, earth spirits, and so forth, please consult our extended discussion by clicking here. The baden senpo (bad days to raise prayer flags) this year are: August 24; September 5, 19; October 1, 2, 13, 28; November 23; December 5, 20. Daily Tibetan Astrology copyright (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

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