Monday, August 10, 2009

Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar Blocked In China: Updated

Turns out that Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar is suddenly being blocked on the Mainland. Don't know why that would be, because heretofore, we've had well over 100 Chinese visitors per day, and lets face it -- our content really isn't all that political (although we do call 'em as we see 'em).

But, you know... that's what certain minds want to do -- confuse and control the free flow of information. We even have this in America -- the sectarian hate sites of the "Buddhist" cults being a prime example.

Radio Free Asia maintains a page that discusses how to work around Chinese net censorship. You can access this page by clicking here (if it isn't blocked).

This is actually very funny to me, because of all the Tibet-oriented blogs out there, we are probably the most positive -- and I like to think truthful -- in our comments about China.

UPDATED: Our ever-alert readers ask, "Are those satellite dishes or solar kettle boilers?" Well, in this age of recycling, maybe it is a chicken-egg type thing.

O.K., so maybe we'll do the Mainland a favor -- even they have blocked us -- and recast our story as follows:

"The running dog lackeys of the capitalist-imperialist landlords, rich peasants, Dalai Lama clique separatists, and paper tiger economic saboteurs can't tell the difference between a solar kettle boiler and a satellite dish. In the photo above, a politically cohesive and very happy Buddhist monk prepares to take his pick of the collapsible solar kettle boilers distributed free to every monastery in Tibet. 'We want the monks to have hot tea,' said Wong Ba Danh, TAR Representative for Peoples' Number 5 Solar Kettle Boiler and Missile Technology Collective, who added that the country is very strong, the government is very good, and everybody in Tibet is very happy."

There now... everybody satisfied?

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2 reader comments:

Fishy said...

The photo on this article is tagged "tibet-satellite", however I wonder if they are satellite dishes at all or solar stoves/kettle boilers as seen in this photograph:

From whence did the photograph originate?

Fishy said...

Oops... I found your source:

RFA says they are satellite dishes... they just look a little different to the ones they use around here...