Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girl Who Cried Wolf Investigated for Threats

The credibility issues just keep piling up for "painfully perky" Michelle Grissom, of Seattle, Washington: the professional finger-pointer who sought to ride her on again off again denunciation of New Age "Jetsunma" Alyce Zeoli to a place very near the sun.

As the above screenshot from her web site testifies, Michelle Grissom has now taken to calling for assassination! Somebody needs to get in the car -- that would be the car with the colored lights on top -- and ride out to chat with this obviously very emotionally disturbed ex-nun.

Why does this remind me of Squeaky? Didn't she also think she was a nun or something?

Hmm... something tells me that the car with the colored lights is already headed her way.

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