Monday, January 21, 2008


It seems a shame to do away with this blog, doesn't it? Maybe we can keep the spirit of the thing going forward somehow, with new authors. Stay tuned while we try to work out something with special friends.

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5 reader comments:

kunzang said...

You made me laugh! Nothing stays the same...beginning and end, what's the difference. Thank you...laughing is good!!!

Lulu said...

I am glad the blog will continue. The thought of deleting all the wonderful past posts was very sad.

Lodu Rabgye said...

I am thankful for what has flowed from this altar so far and so happy that the effort to keep opening it continues on. Thanks to all who have been involved in the past, are involved now & will be involved in the future. The merit of this altar is great, may it multiply like Samantrabhadra's offering. I am so happy that it will continue to benefit beings.
Best wishes in the Dharma,
Lodu Rabgye (Eric Weinberg)

Sangye said...

Hot-diggety! I learn so much from your posts, Rinpoche. I hope you can find a way to continue this blog for the benefit of all beings.

Rebecca said...

I hope the blog will continue--the archive alone is a treasure-house of teachings that shouldn't be lost. Best of luck!