Friday, January 04, 2008

Alternative/alternating Delusions

Dan-o'-Tibeto-logic asks, on another blog:

"This provokes a possible question, which is, Did (and do) the White Rabbits, including their weblog namesakes, lead into a world of greater delusions, into a kind of psychotropic fog-b[l]og of ego-centered fantasies, or might they to the contrary point the way through a world of alternative/alternating delusions like meditation can do? I think the question is very important, but I will defer to the Rinpoche's thugs-dam divinations on this one."

I think I'll defer to the rabbit for this one, because he's the one who does the divining:

The rabbit says it is all good -- that is to say, undifferentiated, self-arising display of wisdom; however, he wishes to add that any meditation which seems to point the way through delusion is itself delusion.

Now, to be fair, the rabbits spend a lot of time with Patrul Rinpoche, and I think they particularly fancy Clear Elucidation of True Nature (theg mchog a ti'i man ngag gnas lugs gsal ston). I think they take a certain literary license, and say that mind is mind when it is still, and when it is spilling out all over a web log. Once you are convinced that mind is empty, there is no difference at all between blogging and not blogging.

However, it is entirely possible they're just repeating something they've heard as distinct from something they've directly experienced.

We think this is an important distinction.

The way to pierce through this is simply to collapse the boundary, you know?

Anyway, that's what the rabbit told me.

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