Sunday, January 13, 2008


The collected works of the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje, are now available for immediate download by clicking here.

The Third Karmapa, author of the Karma Nyingthig, shared a close relationship with Longchenpa, with whom he studied under Rigdzin Kumaradza. Theirs was in many respects an extremely fortunate friendship: one that spawned a shower of blessings for those of us in the generations that followed. This is a perfect example of what can come from personal relationships and collaborations between Dharma masters: they become catalysts in each others lives, and all sentient beings reap the benefits.

The only drawback to this really super internet resource is one needs to purchase and install the commercially promoted Nitartha Sambhota font in order to make use of the pdf files. This product does not seamlessly integrate into the Macintosh OSX operating system: the platform of choice for Tibetan language word processing (Apple wisely built Tibetan into OSX). Since it is possible to save fonts into pdfs in a fashion not requiring the purchase of additional software, we ever so gently chide the producers of this collection on the issue of "strings attached." However, please DO NOT interpret these remarks as anything more than collegial in nature, and do not permit these remarks to detract from what is a really excellent effort.

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