Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here is a "get well" post for Rinpoche, and a link to the Monty Python Killer Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth slippers we got for him. We think this will be an incentive for him to "get well soon." (Leaving a comment to this post will be like signing the card.)

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17 reader comments:

RMWB said...

Om svasti.
Live long dearest Lama Tenpa.
Though we have not had the pleasure of each other's company in this lifetime, there must have been at least one in the three.
May all the Dakinis bless you with health and long life and may all your wishes be fulfilled.

Dragpa Gyaltsen said...

....... We pray for your recovery .......

And may those Lagomorph canines tickle your toes :)

With the deepest devotion,
Dragpa Gyaltsen (Chuck Tellechea)
Kunzang Palyul Choling

Anonymous said...

May you recover your health and live long for the benefit of all beings.

Anonymous said...

May you recover your health and live long for the benefit of all beings.

michael said...

Lama Tenpa
One who fills the world with emptiness,
keep the light of your kindness shining in the bowl of the sky.
Praying that your sickness is the broom that sweeps away all others' doubt, may you feel the gentle breeze of awareness on your fevered brow.

with Love, michael

SystemUser said...

Wishing wellness for Tenpa Rinpoche. Tonglen time.

Lodu Rabgye said...

The gnomes are becomming more brazen by the day - please put your big pointy teeth rabbit shoes on again and come walk with us in the garden - they need the soft touch of your foot on the earth to remind them... - as do we.

May you live long and be free of illness;Enjoy freedom, great resources & happiness. Next life, may we meet in the pure realm.
May we always practice dharma
and benefit beings.(Milarepa)

Smiling to you,
Eric Weinberg, Lodu Rabgye

kunzang said...

get well seems so indequate...i am at a loss to what to say...be the breeze in the stillness, never cease.
may your life be long, and beyond even that...

DGA said...

I've very much enjoyed reading your work in the last few months, and I'd be delighted if you stuck around for a while longer to keep the flow going.

Please consider this.

If our paths cross in the future, coffee is on me.

May beings benefit.

Lulu said...

Rinpoche, I just found you and hope you decide to stay around a bit longer. I pray for you to.

Anonymous said...

As someone very new and precious to my life recently shared these lyrics with me, I offer them as a request for you to remember and remain firm:

"If you ever need holding
Call my name, Ill be there
If you ever need holding
And no holding back, Ill see you through
Sky blue and black"

irina said...

Please get well, Rinpoche.
There is still much we need to hear from you. Thank you.
With love and best wishes,
- irina

Karma Dechi Chotso said...

Hope you like the slippers?

thank you for being
.. in my thoughts ...
on heart broken days

My little family pray for a speedy recovery
With much love and joyfulness
Hari Krishna

Gage said...

best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!

Starry Night said...

Dear Tulku Tenpa,

May you have a long life and recover fully from you illness.
I am accumulating Medicine Buddha Mantra for you, and wish you the very best.

Ixthara (Starry Night)

peartree said...

Dear Lama Tenpa

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you recently so thank you for posting your writings and such on this sight. :)
I wish that you remain long in this world and continue to benefit countless beings.
I trust in your graciousness

with love

Dara said...

Your teachings are so direct, so perfect. Thank you. May you live long and continue to benefit beings always.