Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kyabje Tarthang Rinpoche

As we celebrate the annual festival of Nyingmapa brotherhood in support of world peace, let us be certain to offer clouds of prayers for the long life and excellent health of the incomparable, direct manifestation of Padmasambhava: the living treasure and lord of refuge, Kyabje Tarthang Rinpoche. Beloved Rinpoche: we beg you to never call back your vision of this world!

Below, these images fail to convey even the smallest part of Tarthang Rinpoche's inconceivable activity for the benefit of all sentient beings. No matter what expression of Buddhism you adhere to, and no matter where you are, Tarthang Rinpoche has touched your life. If you are currently a follower of any Tibetan teacher, anywhere in the world, then ask your teacher, "Who is Tarthang Rinpoche?" Please understand that his achievements will remain for as long as there is Dharma in this world, and may be compared only to the scale of activity of a truly Great Being.

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1 reader comments:

Troyus said...

I was incredibly blessed to be allowed to work for Rinpoche during the summer of 2001 on the Cintimani Project. At this point in my life despite being the father of an 8 year old daughter that may not have been born if I had remained in California,I deeply regret allowing my emotions and discursive mind to pull me away from Oddiyan. I fear I may never have another opportunity like that in this lifetime.