Monday, January 28, 2008

Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion

Here is a useful link to Asvaghosa's Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion, also known as Fifty Stanzas of Guru Devotion, with oral commentary by Geshe Ngawang Dhargey. Tenpa Rinpoche strongly believes that it is necessary to memorize this work, and adds that at least one can read this work at regular intervals.

Also, please note the rabbit in the above photograph, taken at a temple in Burma. We shall have more to say about this rabbit, but unfortunately technical difficulties at Google have caused us some problems, and we must resolve these.

Update: We wished to publish an extensive commentary on the Śaśajâtaka, relating the story of the rabbit who threw himself into a fire in order to provide food for someone, but the machines confounded us and the commentary is now lost. You can check here for a version of the story, while we figure out a way to get our pixels back from the digital trolls.

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