Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Original Purposes

When Tenpa Rinpoche originally began this blog, it was for the purpose of keeping notes handy. With that original purpose in mind, here are notes on the Atiyoga Samaya, supplementary to our previous post, below:

Twenty Adjunct Vows:

1. Do not destroy the throne of the king of wild animals.
2. Do not pour poison on the rare Zamatok flower.
3. Do not cut down a precious new bush.
4. Do not drink boiling lava.
5. Do not expose the pollen heart of a lotus flower.
6. Do not pour the essence into a bottomless pot.
7. Do not rely on meaningless substances.
8. Do not insert a crystal into mud.
9. An impure vessel is not to be considered pure.
10. Do not cut a wish-fulfilling jewel.
11. Do not separate the wings of a garuda.
12. Do not strike with a sharp meteorite weapon.
13. Do not eat the leftovers of wild animals.
14. Do not destroy a great vajra rock.
15. Do not cross the boundary of the corral.
16. The wind cannot extinguish a butter lamp.
17. Abandon cutting off the flowing river of primordial wisdom.
18. Do not openly disclose the utterances, indications, and mudras.
19. Do not destroy the diamond house.
20. Do not bring the wish-fulfilling crown down to a low place.

NB: If you want the commentary on the above, go ahead and buy the book.

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