Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shaman, Ethos, and Mongolia

Fantastic, lengthy study of Mongolian shamans at the Mongolian history blog. Rather than re-hash the whole thing here, why don't we just hyperlink? Hint: they channel Chenggis Khan, and he isn't very happy with the way things are going (don't sell off assets, remember the past, don't marry foreigners). All in all, a very good read.

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Greg said...

Ghingiss Khaan was ALL ABOUT marrying foreigners! He was a brilliant, forward thinking and open minded man. Your facts seem to be out of in line with the truth! He was all about bring foreign people back to Mongolia to make it better! If you want one of the greatest scholarly reads about him and the truth of his thinking on such things, read Jack Weatherford's "Ghinggis Khan and the Making of the Modern World". Jack won the highest award given to both the Military and Civilian people in Mongolia for his work on this book. He was also the first foreigner to ever win it in their history!