Monday, May 11, 2009

Imagined Prayer Wheels: Wind, Earth, Water

I am not immune to flights of fancy, and came up with these ideas whilst wasting time on a summer's day. The sketch above depicts wind wheels driven by "prayer sails," which are of course prayer flags.

The sketch above depicts another wind-driven wheel, but with a difference. In addition to the mani wheel, this one also drives a resonating chamber buried beneath the ground. Six of these are tuned to produce the mantra, which resonates into the earth.

Above is a prayer buoy, which apart from being a hazard to shipping, is wind-driven and lives in the ocean.

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3 reader comments:

inkessential said...

Greetings Tenpa, on the Prayer wheel theme, you maybe interested to know of my Fathers contributions to prayer wheels..... being a silver smith jeweler, he was commissioned to make the elaborate copper drums for these prayer wheels, powered by the British national grid.

TENPA said...

Really super... thank you for sharing this. Those wheels are truly magnificent, and you should be very proud of your father. I'm actually trying to involve my son (the engineer) in a project to make an "eternal" prayer wheel.

Anonymous said...

Tenpa, there is nobody else like you in the world. Please never stop your activities for all sentient beings.