Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ecobuddhism: Climate Crisis Response

Please take a few moments to review "Tibet and China: Climate Crisis at the Earth's Third Pole," and then sign "A Buddhist Declaration On Climate Change." The Dalai Lama was first to sign, followed in short order by a number of other world leaders.

Under a tree the great sage Buddha was born.
Under a tree he overcame passion
And obtained enlightenment.
Under two trees he passed into Nirvana.
Indeed, the Buddha held trees in great esteem.
—Dalai Lama XIV

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2 reader comments:

José M. said...

I couldn't imagine Dharma entangled in that gossip. Degree up, degree down.
I like trees, and birds, and meadows, and rats. I don't like fake prophets ranting out of greed of power.
Data. Just data.

Anonymous said...

Headed for China beginning of next month. Would you like me to bring anything back for you?

--Ancient Cave Rabbit