Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holiday Almost Over: On Holiday Contest Winners

Slumming around 武侯区, holiday almost over, and wondering how best to reward the intrepid trio who valiantly participated in the First Annual Fake Tulku's Official On Holiday Calligraphy Contest. Although the results were far from definitive, at least they were players... not calligraphic cowards who sit on the scriptorium sidelines!

Hmmm.... a nice, regional dinner, maybe? The spécialité de la maison around here is stewed rat head...

Although, many is the seasoned gourmand who will wave away the rodent, and call for some old-fashioned yak penis, instead... just like Mama Khandro used to make when we were kids, and she was in a specially wrathful mood.

Going to give wrathful tormas a New China look.

Sure, the pandas are cute and cuddly, but who cares? Your friends have heard it all before. Now yak penis, by very definition, gives a whole other layer of meaning to the phrase "organs of propaganda."

Nevertheless, for their efforts and all-around good humor, I hereby award Dan, Tashi, and Andrew the Prize Cup... digitally, of course...

...and our next holiday's contest will be: who gave the cup, who received the cup, and what does it say on the cup?

Can't wait for next year.

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4 reader comments:

Dan said...

A little heavy on the sauce, you think?


TENPA said...

Usually, when one sees the pest control van at an eating establishment, one gets a queasy feeling. Our genial host assured us it was just the daily delivery, and allowed as how his rat was "fresh enough to hear the squeak."

Andrew West said...

Thank you for the beautiful prize cup ... although I'm not sure we deserve it as tasks (1) and (2) remain incomplete. But with a year's head start hopefully we will do better next year.

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