Friday, May 08, 2009

Bhutan's Big Buddha Progresses

The Dordenma Project in Bhutan, currently underway at this time, is one of the largest sacred image projects in the world. Above you see detail of the lotus throne, and below you see the foundation upon which it will rest. Clicking the link will take you to a page showing many more details.

The statue itself, 169 feet tall, and crafted in Nanjing, China, is already in Bhutan, and above we see the state of construction circa two months ago. Huge logistics problems have been met and mastered during the scope of this project.

The people in Bhutan should be very proud of what they have been able to accomplish. Even the United States, with all of its wealth, resources, and noisy opinions, has not been able to field a Buddhist sacred image project of this magnitude.

Trizin Tsering Rinpoche's English translation of the Mani Kabum is being used to support the above project (among other means, of course), so this is really a worthwhile acquisition for one's library. Details of this book may be had by clicking here.

Of course, you can go ahead and order the book -- and support the project (although Evergreen Bookstore in S'pore isn't making it easy) -- by clicking here.

Cost is around USD $182. or thereabouts, exclusive of shipping.

The project (and the book) also have their own blog.

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4 reader comments:

Hamish said...

Amazing! However, the idea of people clamoring around inside the Buddha like they do in the statue of liberty seems somehow wrong. Sacred space doesn't always have to be utilitarian, even if there is a lot of it. Traditionally, the space inside sacred images was reserved for sacred relics, texts, mantras and other blessed substances, and one walked around clockwise outside this powerhouse of the holy. Another sign of the Kali Yuga?

Anonymous said...

It sits on top of a building, so to speak, so people are not inside the image at all.

TENPA said...

I think I should warn everybody that it isn't simple to order this book. Apparently, only the Evergreen Bookstore in S'pore is handling this, and they aren't responding to emails (in English or Chinese). I sent a message to Bhutan, and they forwarded this to S'pore with a copy to me, so we hope to hear something on Monday morning.

TENPA said...

Total cost for Mani Kabum is 378.00 SGD = $259.456 USD

Whoops! The above includes SGD 110.00 airmail charge (USD $75.48) and it takes two weeks for that price?