Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Principles of Tibetan Art

For those of us in the United States, this long-awaited reprint of Gega Lama's incomparable Principles of Tibetan Art will not come cheap: 150 Euros, or USD $197.39 at last reckoning. But, if you have any interest at all in Tibetan sacred art, it will be the best money you ever spent. 

This is widely regarded as the finest work of its kind ever written. Long unavailable, it has now been done in a new edition by the late Gega Lama's son, Tharpen Lingtsang -- an extremely gifted artist in his own right.

Order online, from http://karmagardri.com Over 460 pages of illustrations and explanations of Tibetan Buddhist iconography from the late master of the Karma Gardri School.

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5 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Price has been lowered to 99,95 ( excl. shipping)

Anonymous said...

You can order it here : https://www.epubli.com/shop/buch/Principles-of-Tibetan-Art-Gega--Lama/15937

Anonymous said...

Stil for sale at :




also as E-book

Dawa said...

I am a family member of the Late Gega Lama, the author of this book and happen to know that the edition of his book that is being sold via the link published in this blog is a stolen, illegitimate copy of the book which has caused serious harm to the author´s family. This is a very serious matter and any sales of this stolen copy should cease immediately. In 2011 the person who has been selling these illegitimate copies via Epubli helped Tharphen Lingtsang, the late Gega Lama´s son, and the sole copyright holder of this book, to digitalise and promote its third edition. Sadly Tharphen discovered soon afterwards that this person was mismanaging the project seriously and discontinued any form of co-operation with him. When taking the promotion and paperwork back in his own hands, Tharphen discovered even worse, namely that this person, in whose character he´d been most seriously deceived, had registered the third edition of the book in his own name instead of Tharphen´s and had even imposed his name on the book as a supposed co-author, whereas nothing could be less true. Any name other than Gega Lama´s claiming to be an author or co-author on any copy of this book is an indication of a forgery. This is a very sad and serious breach of the author´s rights and reputation. In 2013 the company that was distributing the illegitimate copies, Epubli, was explained the situation and asked to immediately remove the book from their website. They promised to do so and did....for a while apparantly, as one of our family members has just discovered that this illegitimate edition of the book is yet again available on the Epubli website. They´ve been approached again and will hopefully keep to their agreement this time. Please note that if you are buying or selling this illegitimate edition of Principles of Tibetan Art by Gega Lama in any form, you are contributing to a serious breach of the author´s rights and considerable damage to his family. No one of our family published about this online before, because we hoped it would simply pass and could go as unnoticed as possible. Sadly the damage continues and therefore it seems necessary to speak out publicly. We would also kindly request that if you know of any other ways in which any illegitimate copies of this book are being sold, you contact Tharphen Lingtsang via his website below these lines. On a positive note: a legitimate fourth edition of the book will very soon be published by Tharphen Lingtsang and it will be available for order from his website:


On this website, and this website only, you will be able to read via which channels this book can be purchased legitimately. We hope that in the future this whole black passage arisen around something as beautiful as Gega Lama´s book Principles of Tibetan Art will be no more than a faded and distant memory. Thank you for your help in making that happen.

Freek Joustra said...

Principles of Tibetan Art is for sale at :



59,95 Euro incl. European Shipping
69,95 Euro incl. Wordwide Shipping