Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Change Together

"The supreme self-arisen blessings will
Mature your being and engage in the 
benefit of others to pacify suffering.
As your perceptions change, so will the perception of others;
Change together, and then accomplish the Buddha activity
And all precious qualities will be perfected within yourself."

--as written by the sublime
Kunzang Dechen Lingpa

"I wish all of you would try your best to have a clearer understanding of the dharma. Listen to the teachings, contemplate the teachings, and then internalize them by practicing meditation. You should do this to the point that your inner qualities, which are already indwelling, can begin to blossom and allow your inner wisdom to blaze like a bright light that burns continuously, rather than your conspicuous, blazing pride or your blazing delusion or your blazing anger. Haven't you had enough of them? Beneath them are the inconceivable, real qualities of enlightened body, speech, mind, noble qualities and miraculous activities, which we need to bring forth. Please try."

--Gyatrul Rinpoche

[Dakini Day 18 January 2012: May It Be Auspicious]

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