Thursday, January 12, 2012

Light the Darkness

A former monk named Kirk Grissom, from Oakland, California, has succeeded where others have failed. He has begun production of superb quality electric butter lamps, now available for immediate purchase.

Oh, happy day.

As we have observed elsewhere, butter lamps have destroyed more Buddhist institutions than the Red Guard. They are the bane of the novice's existence, and a trap for the accident prone. While there is a deeply symbolic content to the traditional offering -- and rather an important teaching -- the fact is, butter lamps can be dangerous.

I have 108 of them that I use on various occasions, set up in a room where the rabbits like to sleep. After a few days, I noticed that all the white rabbits suddenly had black mustaches -- from breathing the air in the room with smoking butter lamps. This was a horror to me.

Kirk's innovation spares the rabbit noses. His lamps have flickering LED lights that burn forever, and consume only a minuscule amount of electricity. They are extraordinarily well made, one at a time, with obvious care and love.

Please support the idea. Kirk Grissom has the DTBA Seal of Approval on this one.

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1 reader comments:

M. Camblin said...

Fabulous idea! and they look beautiful!