Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Moon Shrines

Tashi Palden is a personable Tibetan fellow, married to an American woman, now living and raising a family in Albany, New York. To make ends meet, he started a Tibetan gift shop, named Little Moon. The shop is at 467 Madison, corner of Willet, if you're ever in Albany.

Tashi has taken to producing hand painted shrines. Above, you see a standard cabinet and hutch re-purposed for average home use. In a smaller range, Tashi is also constructing and painting the shrine you see below, suitable for most apartments. For more information, contact Tashi directly.

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2 reader comments:

Jessica Palden said...

Thank you for sharing Tashi's work with your readers!

Editor said...

You are most welcome. Good luck to you all!