Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feed the Rabbit

Author Lucille Moore has given us a wonderful new book entitled Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing (USD $15.95 from Amazon). What to feed the little stinkers is actually a complicated subject, raising more questions than one might suppose. This book has a comfortable margin of useful answers, and clarifying advice, all written in non-technical language. An excellent one volume survey of an important aspect of rabbit care (the rabbits think it is the most important aspect).

By the way -- the bunny nose, above, is from Julie Behm of Quirky Bunny.

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1 reader comments:

Genro said...

Thanks for this info. Tomorrow a.m. I must take my Leo the Lionhead to have a tumor removed from his hind foot. He is my last rescued rabbit (of six) and the attrition of my karmic bunny debt. Blessings. So happy to have you back.
GenRo the zennie now a Tibetan Sakya practitioner in Seattle.