Thursday, April 08, 2010

Requesting A Fair Witness (Zu-pang Sol-wa)

"When you meditate on Vajrakilaya, if you think you have to cut down or smash something else or something external, that is misguided and a wrong practice of the Vajrayana teachings. If you think you have to do that to others, perhaps you will soon become a demon, like Rudra, yourself."
--Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche,
The Dark Red Amulet: Oral Instruction
On the Practice of Vajrakilaya

HUNG. From the mandala of the ten directions of space,

O lamas, rigdzins, yidams,

And Dorje Zhonnu and retinue,

Heed me with your compassion.

If I, the rigdzin practitioner who maintains samaya,

Should encounter a foe,

I have done nothing wrong and owe nothing.

Guardians, believe this! The Three Jewels remain my witnesses fair and true.

Gods and demons of the phenomenal world, you decide or make judgment!

Those nonvirtuous forces of broken samaya

First destroy the integrity of the doctrine,

Then they demean the Three Jewels,

And finally they tear out the hearts of tantric practitioners.

Now they threaten me, the yogin.

They contradict the ten virtues

And pursue the ten nonvirtues.

Since the fruits of their inexpiable deeds have ripened,

They are candidates for liberation.

O hosts of deities of Dorje Zhonnu,

Through you do not waver from the peace of dharmadhatu,

The time has come to show your manifestations of rapacious, majestic, compassionate wrath

And to liberate the dualistic forces of harm.

Do not forget! Do not forget, you with sacred bond!

Perform the enlightened activity of liberating dualistic obstructors!

[from The Miraculous Activity Sadhana of Vajrakilaya, The Razor Which Destroys At A Touch, a terma of Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje]

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11 reader comments:

MEGA2B said...

[Vajrakilaya & Diptachakra]... ever expanding is their great Bliss!

Anonymous said...

OK, please tell me then what do we do when we are peacefully in retreat in Guge Kingdom / Toling and the Barbarian Armies who follow a certain type of Monotheistic Eternalism invade our peaceful Buddhist Retreat place and start attacking all the retreatants and pulling them from their retreat caves? Do we do nothing? I ask this question in honesty.

TENPA said...

I think there are instances on record, such as you describe, where the Dharmapalas got up and left.

Anonymous said...

If they left, then what do we do? Just let ourselves be eliminated or resort to self defense? Any idea why they left? They seem to have left a lot around 1950 - 1970 something (and to the present?) in Tibet. :-(

Is non-duality and non-judgment for the ultimate truth, but conventionally we have to make distinctions to defend ourselves, etc.?

TENPA said...

The answer is implicit in the question, i.e. "self" defense. No self, no problem.

People always say, "Well, what about conventional truth." In terms of conventional truth, buses hurt when they hit. In terms of ultimate truth, don't stand in front of buses.

Like that.

Anonymous said...

I understand. Thanks. Its their fault. They chose to stand in front of the bus at some point (at least individually or collectively). Love the site... Love Rabbits. My mother has about 8 rabbits she rescued. My mother loves animals and she introduced me to Buddhism. Do you have an email we can use to send you pictures, etc? I would like to give you some pictures of the archeological degradation of 1,000 year old ancient texts blowing in the wind, etc., from destroyed stupas, etc., in Toling / Guge Kingdom that I took while hiking there and perhaps you could do a story on the need for archeological preservation in that area of Tibet. Thanks

TENPA said...

Anyone who wishes may write to me using this address: rinpoche(at)

Anonymous said...

What does rigdzin mean? Thanks!

TENPA said...


Joseph Feinstein said...

Good advice. I remember Chokling Rinpoche said never do Vajrakilaya practice while angry.

TENPA said...

That is excellent advice from Chokling Rinpoche albeit a little out of context :-) I think it is also important to keep one's motivation quite clean. If you approach Vajrakilaya with a hidden agenda, the result will be most instructive... you probably won't want to do that again. However, one also recognizes that emotions like anger and so forth are often always present in one capacity or another, so in the initial stages one needn't get too involved with them being "on" or "off." If you let the practice take you along, you'll be fine: the burning blue weapon cuts anger. So, even if you approach Vajrakilaya in an angry state of mind, the anger will liberate itself quite naturally. It will do that anyway, but the practice highlights this.