Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fastest Way to Send Help to Tibet Earthquake Victims

Here are the wire transfer coordinates for the Abbot of Thrangu Monastery's Hong Kong account. He can access these funds immediately, on the Mainland. This cuts out the middlemen and gets the money straight into the disaster area right away.

Bank Name: The Bank of East Asia, Limited
Branch: Queen’s Road Central Branch
Account Name: Lodroe Nyima Charity Foundation Limited
Account No.: 015-187-25-00453-6
Branch telephone No.: +852 2805-2206
Branch Address: Shop A-C, G/F. Wah Ying Cheong Central Building, 158-164 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.

They are asking for generous contributions to buy rice and flour, to feed survivors. Further details and other links at Shambhala Sunspace's recent update. Naturally, there are now many places where you can send donations, but we are recommending the Abbot's account on the advice of people in the region who know what they are doing. Anyway -- that is where I sent my donation, because I feel certain it went right to work. The hard rate right now is around USD $1.00 = RMB 6.82725, so every little bit you can send will help where help is needed most.

Note: We are continuously updating links to earthquake coverage at our consolidation page, here.

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4 reader comments:

Padma Kadag said...

Thanks Tenpa R. keep up the good works...

Anonymous said...

For wiring money to HK without paying huge fees, Xoom.com is the cheapest option I've found thus far. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Editor said...

Many U.S. banks will wire for a nominal sum, and in some cases, they wire for free.

Anonymous said...

Tibetan Village Project (US based) is active in Yushu working with local NGO's to distribute aid to earthquake victims. Donate what you can NOW to www.tibetanvillageproject.org. It's super simple and goes STRAIGHT TO YUSHU. Founder, Tamdin Wangdu is there now working to help those affected. Visit www.yushuearthquakeresponse.org for relief updates. Blessings to all.