Monday, April 19, 2010

Lhalung Thuksey Rinpoche Passes Away

His Eminence Lhalung Thuksey Rinpoche -- 10th Incarnation of the great Bhutanese Terton King Pema Lingpa -- passed into parinirvana in Thimphu, Bhutan yesterday.

His Eminence was a beloved master who helped preserve, protect and spread the precious treasure teachings of Pema Lingpa throughout Bhutan. More than perhaps any other, Rinpoche was tireless in his dedication to granting empowerments and transmissions, leading practices, and giving teachings in the Pema Lingpa lineage. Rinpoche's passing is a great loss to the people of Bhutan, and to all who have a heart connection with the sublime treasure teachings of the Great Terton King Pema Lingpa.

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1 reader comments:

nakpa doti said...

long live H.H Thuksey Rinpoche....I miss you ... please come back to us !
you are the real buddhisattva

long live love ....