Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Google Offers Crisis Response for Tibet Quake

These "before and after" overheads are just one of the ways Google is responding to the recent earthquake in Kham.

The company has also prepared a Crisis Response page, similar to what was done following the Haitian disaster, and at last report, this was not being blocked in China (click here for the English version). They also have a Person Finder tool available here:

Note: We are continuously updating links to earthquake coverage at our consolidation page, here.  
See also: Official Google Blog: Imagery for Qinghai, China earthquake 
See also: Google LatLong: Imagery for Qinghai, China earthquake

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1 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Nice of Google to help after their source code was just stolen probably by the Chinese military in order to spy on the Tibetans, etc.: