Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dalai Lama's Prayer for Quick Return of Lati Rinpoche

Prayer for the Quick Return of Kyabjé Lati Rinpoché 
O peerless savior and supreme Teacher, Shuddhodhana’s son,
O the seventeen masters and adepts, Nagarjuna and Asanga, and so on,
O Dipamkara as well as sovereign father Tsongkhapa,
Gloriously appear here today to grant auspiciousness.
On the great path leading to the heart of Enlightenment,
You’ve traversed by means of the perfect threefold discipline,
And have enhanced ever higher the realizations of enlightened qualities
O glorious Guru, we offer our supplications at your feet.
Pray return gloriously to propagate the teaching of Lobsang,
By tying well the sash of monastic disciplinary precepts,
And, generating the altruistic intention to free all beings,
Engage in the tantric yogas of the two stages.
Think of the unbearable pain of the sentient beings
Who’re enveloped in the forces of five degenerations;
And to open wide the lotus grove of the Buddha’s teaching,
May your reincarnation appear soon as a source of merit for us.

The students of Lati Labrang, the entire assembly of Ganden Shartse Monastery, Trijang Labrang, Zong Labrang, Lochen Labrang, the entire assembly of Spiti Key Monastery and Spiti Drakar Monastery, Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling Center-Singapore, Gaden Shartse Phende Lekshe Ling Center-Malaysia, Gaden Shartse Buddhist Center-Taiwan, Gaden Shartse Thubten Dhargye Ling Center-USA, Ganden Shartse Education Committee, Gaden Shartse Phukhang Khangtsen, and Gaden Shartse Thepo Khangtsen approached me with a request to compose a prayer for the quick return of the late Lati Rinpoche. As I have had close association with this authentic spiritual teacher for over fifty years and have enjoyed a bond of pure faith and commitment, I have written this aspiration prayer. May the aims of this aspiration be fulfilled as prayed for. 

      This was composed by the Buddhist monk, the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, on the 5th day of the 3rd month in the seventeenth Rabjung cycle of the Tibetan calendar, namely, on 19, April, 2010.
Translated by Thupten Jinpa, a humble student of the late Kyabje Lati Rinpoché. May the sun of H.E Lati Rinpoché’s reincarnation shine soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!

There were some strange events going on during that time of his transition. There was a huge solar prominence that appeared on the sun. Then, there was the earthquake in the Kham region.