Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where to Get Tibetan Astrology Done

Because we do the "Daily Tibetan Astrology" feature, we get a number of emails asking if we will do life charts and so forth, as well. Also, the search query "where to get Tibetan astrology done," seems to be trending high these days. Sorry, but this is not something we ordinarily like to do, lest we are having a contest or something, or just happen to be in the neighborhood, feeling daffy.

While there are a number of different resources available, we think the best one is probably Jhampa Kalsang's service, down in San Diego if I am not mistaken. Dr. Kalsang is a real, live, Men-Tsee-Khang trained Tibetan astrologer. He is also the author of the beautiful book Tibetan Astro Science, that was published in Italy a few years ago.

Usually, when Tibetan astrologers interact with Westerners, the outcome isn't very successful. However, I hear very good things about Dr. Kalsang's abilities, and he certainly seems to put the effort into it, as his web site and blog attest.

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