Friday, December 25, 2009

Marme Monlam

May the bowl of this lamp become equal to the outer ring of this world realm of the great Thre Thousands. May its stem be the size of the King of Mountains, Mt. Meru. May its oil fill the surrounding oceans. In number, may a hundred million appear before each and every buddha. May its light dispel all the darkness of ignorance from the Peak of Existence to the Incessant Hell and illumine all the pure realms of the buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions so they are clearly seen. OM VAJRA ALOKE AH HUM


I offer this amazing, wonderful, bright lamp
To the one thousand buddhas of this fortunate aeon
The lamas, yidams, dakinis, dharma protectors,
And gatherings of deities in the mandalas

Of all pure realms of the infinite ten directions,
My parents in the fore, may every sentient being
In this lifetime and all the places they take birth
See the pure realms of the perfect Buddhas directly

And then become inseparable from Amitabha.
Out of the power of the truth of the Three Jewels
And the deities of the Three Roots I've made this prayer.
Please grant your blessings that it be quickly accomplished.


The glorious Lord Atisha with just seventeen of his students recited this prayer in a roar in the temples of U Tsang, it is heard.

--from the 2009 Kagyu Monlam Prayer Book. Try to catch the live broadcasts by clicking here.

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