Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: December 26, 2009

Chinese 10th, M-T-K  10th. Pig, Gin, Green 4. Guru Rinpoche Day. This day is particularly meaningful to Bhutan because it commemorates Guru Rinpoche taking his wrathful form as Dorje Drolo, in Paro Taktsang. Today is also zin phung, so I ponder the earthquake situation yet again. In the Kalachakra system, this is an earth fire day, so what... a volcano? Actually, earth fire is unfavorable, and points to obstructions. In the tsurluk system today is earth water, i.e. "engaging in joyful activities on this day will bring great good fortune and happiness." Well, today is tsok, right? That is joyful.

You know, this whole earthquake thing is no joke. On the 19th, we had a 6.4 in Hualien and a 6.0 in Malawi; on the 23rd a 6.0 in Indonesia; on the 24th a 6.3 in Russia, and today, a 6.0 in the Banda Sea. I have a theory that earth years go down fighting, so I am watching the rest of this year very carefully.

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