Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: December 8, 2009

Chinese 23rd, M-T-K  22nd. Horse, Kham, Yellow 5. A zin phung day. Note that the lunar 22nd is omitted from the Chinese calendar this month. I think heavy weather should be apparent since yesterday, and I think the earth will be moving in certain places. Travel conditions will be troublesome, but one should nevertheless make the effort to get out and get shopping done, attending to basic necessities first. How far to take the whole Christmas madness is up to you. By the way... you can click this link to an amulet that we posted a couple of years ago. You can download and print it out, and then paste it over doorways and windows. If you live in an earthquake zone, I would strongly suggest you do that without delay.

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Stephen said...

I refer to the protective amulet for printing out and pasting over windows and doors, etc. Apart from protection against earthquakes, may I know what else is it for ? Thanks.