Thursday, July 09, 2009

No Time for Happiness

”Even if explanation is given, others misinterpret and will not accept it as truth.
Even if intention is beneficial, candid, and from the heart, they keep their misconceptions

Behold this age when crooked minded people see honest ones as crooked
The rope of hope and expectation must be cut, since it cannot benefit anyone.

The Victorious One said: 'All phenomena are like magic'
But what greater magic is there than the present age?
Enticing magicians are performing.
Fear the beguiling, hypnotising phantoms of the Kali Yuga.

The Victorious One said: 'All speech is like an echo,'
But now a much greater echo
is hypocritical speech.
Shun these luring words.

Whoever is seen are not human beings, they are deceivers,
Whoever speaks, this is not speech, it is just luring words,
Now there is no longer anyone to trust,
So remain content alone.

If bodily action is in accordance with Dharma, then most people object.
If speech is honest, then most people get angry.
If pure from the heart, then most people consider it a fault.

Now it is time to hide the self-nature.

Hide body and stay in a solitary place.
Hide speech and disengage from conversation.
Hide mind and only watch your own faults.
Therefore be called a hidden yogi.

No one can be trusted, so have aversion.
Nothing has essence so be sorrowful.
Whatever is wished for, there isn’t time to accomplish, so stop wishing.
To be a companion of these three is most beneficial.

Now happiness is exhausted, there is no time for happiness.
Not desiring sorrow, end the age of sorrow by practicing Dharma.
Whether happy or unhappy, know that it comes from karmic force.
Now, have no doubt or expectation in anyone.

Hoping in others with false smiles,
the self pretends with expectation,
doing this and that with hopes and doubts,
Now , when this occurs, do nothing”.

from Patrul Rinpoche’s The Practice of the Essence of the Sublime Heart Jewel: View, Meditation and Action.

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