Monday, July 06, 2009

Ningxia Stupas Revisited

Simply fantastic coverage of the 108 Stupas of Qingtong Gorge (aka 108 Stupas of Ningxia) is just a click away.

Despite centuries of investigation, the precise nature of this installation is still a matter of some mystery. Follow the link above, and see how these representations of Buddha's mind -- built at least 900 years ago on Xiakou Mountain, on the west bank of the Yellow River (now in a predominantly Muslim area) -- have continued to influence the region where they were constructed.

Located near a major industrial wasteland, effort is now underway to reclaim the environment. Great photos showing the restoration work and surrounding improvements. The powerful intention that brought this into creation is self-evident across the course of centuries. In truth, such intention does not stop. We looked at them a while back, but they are definitely worth a second visit.

It would appear this photo depicts the stupas during renovation.

While you're out surfing, you can also check out this item on China's "Pagoda Forests." These are treasures of our shared tradition.

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