Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: July 8, 2009

Chinese 17th, M-T-K 16th. Mouse, Zin, Yellow 5. If you're in Thailand, today marks the beginning of the Rains retreat, and it is infinitely more humid in Thailand than it is in Washington, D.C., so I should count my blessings. Counting one's blessings is entirely appropriate for this mouse day.

Today we are still feeling the vibes from the illusion of yesterday, so I would avoid disturbing the earth element. What could this mean? Well, don't mow the lawn, work in the garden, or pound stakes in the ground.

Today is particularly good for presenting requests to authorities, getting engaged, or entering into alliances. Generally speaking, today is very good for important steps.

While we're on the subject of retreats, this is as good a time as any to mention that the Palyul will begin their annual New York State retreat the day after tomorrow. It seems that for those on the stagnant fringe, who think listening to bad music is part of ngondro, there is also some sort of nonsense in Maryland. So, you have Broadway, and then you have Summer Playhouse.

A third alternative is a cave in the hills, but I guess that is now considered old-fashioned, what with no broadband or wireless.

"Dear Mom and Dad -- Yep, its me! Still here in (ugh) three year retreat. My guru emailed me last night to say all sentient beings are my parents, but guess what? You're special! Uhh... can you send me some Rocky Road? Only, please don't tell anybody. And, can you please remember to tape 'L Word' for me? "

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