Sunday, February 07, 2010

Old Echo

From the basic space of birthlessness, shining,
In the abode of ceaselessness, liberating;
That Dharmakaya free from any and all diminishment
Is there, close to effortless spontaneous presence.
The Tulku Ogyenpa [Ogyen Tulku 9th], on the 10th day of the 12th month, wrote this out well.  
Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.

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3 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

So...Nice photo of Ogyen Tulku. great that the dharma is promoted to the world via the internet. Do not know Ogyen Tulku. I am sure he is a nice Lama. I read this blog everyday. I am wrestling with the idea that presentation of dharma in mass media is an ordinary presentation of an unordinary subject no matter how profound the teaching or teacher. Certainly delivery of a teaching or how one meets a teacher is an important step in the path. I know a woman who is always ready to take credit for introducing others to dharma because she hosts dharma events. The lure of the internet is very strong. Websites for Lamas are interesting. I find them repulsive at times and comforting at other times. Much like samsara. Excuse this minor rant. Sometimes I enjoy getting up on the wrong side of the bed and not being mindful. I am really good at it.

Anonymous said...

the bri-gang in the 3rd line is an antonym compound meaning very literally 'waning and waxing' or 'contracting and expanding' and together it creates an abstract concept, in this case 'fluctuation.'

it is like tsha-grangs, meaning 'hot & cold' or 'temperature. there are lots of similar examples.

TENPA said...

So, you are suggesting:

"That Dharmakaya, free from wavering"

or along those lines?