Saturday, February 20, 2010

No Accident

White House Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall, wearing gloves,
shows the ice to the Dalai Lama, wearing sandals

Nothing that happens at the White House happens by accident. Meetings and other events are scripted with meticulous attention to detail, and security is omnipresent. As Americans, we all understand this.

Thus, when we see an ambush photograph taken in a heavily secured area -- and not by a pool photographer -- of the sandal-shod Dalai Lama being escorted out of the White House by the back door, and along a garbage-strewn path, it is because the White House wants to send us an explicit message.

Message received.

Posted by Anila

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Patricia Snodgrass said...

I expressed my displeasure (respectfully) to the white house and I urge others to do this as well. Here's their contact info.

I'm going to meditate, weep, and meditate some more.

Lynn said...

Disappointing and sad, for all of us.

Geoff said...

Sad to say, but many astrologers warned against Obama during the campaign because of all of the strong Neptune aspects, saying that he was not who he was presenting himself to be.

What a letdown Obama has been for me. It seems that it will take the destruction of the Democratic party for a real progressive voice to be heard over the corporate shills.

It is truly embarrassing the way they treated HHDL. George Bush treated him *much* better. When you are doing worse than GWB in anything, it is gut check time.

Time for Obama to grow some cajones. For the rest of us, maybe a reminder we should be practicing and not just trying to tidy up samsara? (I for one am chastened.)

Yeshe Dorje said...

Yeah, yeah, so the game continues. In the front door, out the back. The business of politics.

Patricia Snodgrass said...

Geoff, I wholeheartedly concur. And now, evening practice beckons.
om mani padme hum

Anonymous said...

This is how one Nobel Prize Winner treats another Nobel Prize Winner? This is how the Obama White House respects the will of the people, and treats a Congressional Gold Medal recipient?
Obama's treatment of the Dalai Lama shows absolute political cowardice, absolute lack of personal class, and is an absolute disgrace to America.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what it is that all of you want? I am sure the garbage was happenstance not a message. Maybe H.H. does not see garbage in the same way we do. If it is action on the part of the USA you want on behalf of Tibet....then dont hold your breath. Tell me what PRACTICAL governmental solution is there? 800 billion in debt to them. Frankly, I am not sure why the chinese carry on a charade of discussions...afterall the tibetans are chinese in their eyes and would it not be similar to a prison guard negotiating with a prisoner for freedom? The Dalai Lama is a "big boy" and can take care of himself and the rest of us. He does not need our tears and frustration. Probably pure samaya and practice would be the best support

dorjejaguar said...

You know I can't find this image elsewhere. When I go googling for Dalai Lama and White House it doesn't come up, neither does it come up if I google Barak Obama and Dalai Lama.
Where did you find it?

Can you really say that there is some deep symbolism here and know it for the truth?
Has it not occurred to you that there may be some other explanation, like perhaps the huge ass snowstorm that caused a pile up of trash?

Obama didn't have to see the Dalai Lama but he did. It pisses off the Chinese government every time and they have no problem bitching and moaning about it which they did and yet, knowing this Obama still sees him.

Is there something wrong with seeing the bright side here or must we assume the worst?

Is it more valuable to be the aggrieved party or more valuable to see the showers of blessings that are coming our way constantly and continuously without end?

Blessings. May there be Peace in this beautiful world without end. :)

dorjejaguar said...

"This just in from White House spokesman Tommy Vietor:

"You reported that the Dalai Lama left the White House out of the back door. That's just not accurate. He exited through the Palm Room doors. The Dalai Lama said he was pleased by the visit, and I assume he exited through the Palm Room doors because that's the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to get to the stakeout location to speak with the press."

Found here:

Geoff said...

Dorje Jaguar(!):

Obama would have been seen as kowtowing to the Chinese if he had cancelled a meeting with HH and he can't afford the political damage. HHDL has met with every sitting president for the last 20 years.

I firmly believe that one can see showers of blessing without sticking one's head up one's ass.

Anonymous Coward:

This isn't about how the Dalai Lama sees garbage, this is about how our government-- funded by our tax dollars, treats visiting dignitaries. You wouldn't see the Pope escorted out a service entrance.

As for US action on *anything* important, I sure don't hold my breath. So far there has been no change of policy from the previous administration.

Now if we had stuck merely to talking about what is "practical", we would not have passed the Civil Rights Act, South Africa would still be under apartheid and India would still be under the Raj.

If you want to use "practice and pure samaya" as some sort of salve against giving a damn, be my guest. However, I don't see HHDL having a problem balancing both his practice and his compassionate political outreach. I believe that this is a model to follow.

dorjejaguar said...

Wow. That felt unkind.
I'm just not willing to make an assumption on meaning for such a thing. I don't like to assume. I especially don't like to assume the worst.
You don't have to agree with me or see if from my view.
It would really be nice if you can work on the kindness though and tame the harsh speech a bit.

Geoff said...

Vajra Pussycat,

My intention was not to wound but rather to draw the dichotomy appropriately, hence the use of the third person. I can't help but note the irony that you are *assuming* that I was describing your own head's position vis-à-vis your posterior. That was not my point. I am sorry if my words caused you grief. I am doubly sorry if they undermined your supposed positive approach to ambiguous claims. Mea maxima culpa.

The point I was struggling to make is that one can simultaneously have pure view AND see what is obviously before our eyes. Anything else is at best pollyannish and at worst willful self-delusion.

dorjejaguar said...

Geoff I did not assume your meaning. I know it sounded *to me with my particular view* unkind and harsh.
Pollyannish. Ha!
I see you're really attached to your interpretation. If you need to believe I'm deluding myself if I don't automatically assume a belief without further and stronger evidence go for it.
Must be working for you.

Gendun Tsomo said...

I don't understand how anyone can be feeling "let down" by this president. He said all along he wanted to change America and he is trying his best to do so. I knew he wasn't what he seemed. Maybe it's my age (60) but he has placed in his Whitehouse: marxists, communtists, maoists, anarchists, and socialists. It's not amazing to me that he walks to China's marching orders. I know His Holiness takes everything with grace but this incident is a discrace and a slap in the face of all Buddhists, especially all Tibetan Buddhists and all Tibetan people. Very sad but not unexpected.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they're just shredded documents, and therefore pure as the driven snow. Still...

If Obama had resolved on sending a message to China, he would have met His Holiness before, not after, his visit to Beijing. Beijing got THAT message loud and clear, and now they're leveraging hard, knowing they can.

Anonymous said...

Dear Geoff...since I am a "coward", and I will remain so, then you are a Biatch! haha. You certainly write like one anyway. HHDL is passive and certainly not passive aggressive like youself...Here I am wasting time again. I know I know. I have no reason to defend Obama nor do I the HHDL.