Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pacify the Fear of War and Weapons


From the Vajra Speech of the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo,
here are the Words of Truth that Completely Pacify the Fear of War and Weapons


King of Great Loving Kindness, supreme Phakpa Chenrezik, King of Wrathful Ones, Hayagriva, Jetsün Drölma and others, just hearing your names dispels all fears. Sources of Refuge, quintessence of compassion, consider me: 

In this time of strife of the five rampant degenerations, when (the water from) the great lake of evil actions and jealousy gushes out, and beings are tormented by terrible suffering from fighting and quarreling, please dry it up by the fire of your wisdom and compassion. 
Upon the beings who burn with the fires of hatred, let fall a great rain of the nectar of loving kindness, and bless them to be calm and peaceful, and to have loving concern for each other, like parents. 

In whoever's mind a devil has entered, causing them to become demigod-like, (i.e. consumed by jealousy, engaging in constant warfare) eliminate all these devils completely, so they can never come to this area again. 

May all sentient beings who have died in war and fighting henceforth renounce all bad actions and their cause and effect, and be born miraculously in Dewachen, the Realm of Bliss: please lead everyone to that Buddha-field. 

May all beings have a long life free from sickness and, with all fighting and quarreling completely pacified, may they engage only in the ten virtues. 

May the rains fall at the right time, the harvests be excellent, and the animal herds stay healthy always. Please grant your blessing for goodness to flourish and increase forever, for all beings in all the worlds.
By the dharmata which is by nature perfectly pure, and non-deceptive cause and effect regarding (conditioned) phenomena, and by the compassion of the Lamas, Yidams and Three Jewels, may this completely pure, expansive wishing prayer be fulfilled.

When in the Minyag region of Kham the continuous conflicts and fighting could not be stopped, and and no one who tried was able to resolve them, at that time the Great Lord, the Mahasiddha (Thangtong Gyalpo) went there, feeling great compassion for them. 

After speaking the Words of Truth, by merely scattering some flowers, all malevolent thoughts of jealousy and hatred in everyone's mind were pacified, and the conflicts and fighting stopped for good; unusually abundant crops and marvelous occurrences - every kind of goodness arose. Therefore his Vajra Speech has great blessings.  

 [Very nicely done from Lama Karma Thinley Rinpoche.]

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