Thursday, February 04, 2010

Brevity and the Soul of Twit: Updated

In a sensitively titled piece "Bite Me, Boulder Buddhists!" now appearing at elephant journal, popular iconoclast Bill Schwartz (@ryderjaphy) offers his must-read take on Tibetan Buddhism, Twitter, and the "sangha" that loves to hate (big hint: they are not in Colorado).

Schwartz obviously has an old Chicago joke in mind....

"Say there," says the drunk to the cop, "Is it against the law to call a policeman a jackass?"

"It certainly could be," replies the cop.

"Well, then, " says the drunk, "Is it against the law to call a jackass a policeman?"

"No, I'd have to say it isn't," the cop answers.

"Thank you then, Mr. Policeman."

UPDATED:  The intrepid Bill Schwartz thanks the policeman in his latest "Welcome to Twitter Hell," and excites dialogue about on-line bullying that is definitely a must-read.

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1 reader comments:

Patricia said...

I quit using twitter some time ago, once I realized it created more devisive and foolish speech than anything else.