Sunday, December 09, 2007

Unclogging the Bunny

When your Bunny gets clogged up, it is no laughing matter. What does a constipated lagomorpha cuniculis have to do with Vajrayana Buddhism, you ask? Just about everything, I answer, because there ain't gonna' be no sunshine anywhere until we get him unclogged.

Naturally, I consulted experts---my daughter, who is a D.V.M., and my friend Dr. Pema, who is a D.V.M.---and then played the consensus. For those of you who are faced with this nightmare in the future, take an eyedropper and administer pineapple juice. Then, after about a day or so, take a 1/4 teaspoon of probiotics, mix it in with the pineapple juice, and then use the eyedropper to pick up the contents of the teaspoon. You can play Billie Holiday records while you do this, for atmospheric reasons.

Then, of course, you snatch up the little stinker and eyedropper-in the mixture (the loading end, not the firing end).

The pineapple juice and probiotic does the trick. Rabbit is unclogged and leaves medications to return to meditations.

This rainbow appeared within an hour after the little rabbit went about his business. Now, I am not making any assertions here ...far from it... I am merely reporting the facts as I witnessed them: the rabbit crapped, the rainbow appeared, and I heard a chorus of dakinis intoning songs of gratitude from the high heavens.

Click here for an introduction to the Incredible Healing Rabbit series of videos from India.

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