Monday, December 10, 2007

Capricorn Shoulder

“On the joint of the right shoulder and upper arm, are the thirty channels of the thirty-day division of Capricorn.”

“The first channels of the action-faculty cakras to die at the end of a completed life are those of the right shoulder joint.”

The Kalachakratantra can be so cheerful.

They call it “over fifty shoulder” most places, and I do not know that anyone has ever come up with a definitive treatment. My Chinese doctor friend from S'hai used to take a very long needle and slam it into the right hip. While the patient was reacting to this, he grabbed the arm and started working the shoulder in a circular motion. This usually reduced the patient to tears. I once asked him why he used the needle in the hip, and he just smiled and said "endorphins." He said that the right shoulder figured in strokes --- he said he could predict who would have a stroke by examining their shoulder.

He predicted one for me and in that he was quite correct.

It must come as a terrible shock to Baby Boom Buddhists, but we are all rapidly approaching the "end of a completed life." Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Neither is a trouble-free conclusion to today.

The bus is coming and first we are going under and then we are getting on. Since this is absolutely, positively in the works, doesn't it make sense to set aside more and more time each day to practice? Doesn't it make sense to start making provisions?

Tell me the truth... you feeling a little discomfort in the shoulder?

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