Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nubri Monastery: Heartfelt Appeal

The Nubri Monastery is a 500-year-old Nyingma installation in a very special valley on the Tibetan Nepalese border, visited and blessed by Padmasambhava. It costs about USD $20,000 per year to operate this monastery, and they have fallen on hard times. Now, I happen to know that there are people who read this blog for whom USD $20,000 is trivial. I am appealing from the bottom of my heart for one of those people to step forward and handle this task for the year 2008. The winters up there are extraordinarily harsh, and this facility's residents will fall if something isn't done very quickly. I beg you: stop wringing your hands and just do it.

Is there any student or patron of the Dharma, anywhere in the world, for whom a clean gift of USD $20,000, with no strings attached, is possible? Could you do it, and do it anonymously? Step up and get it done.

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