Sunday, December 30, 2007

In My Next Life

This song, with lyrics deeply evocative of the Bodhisattva ideal, was recorded by Mr. M. Haggard, of Redding, California. In this song, Mr. Haggard voices his intention to be reborn for the welfare of all sentient beings. If someone were to pass away with this as their intention, how could it be improved?

Tell me... do you still think only Buddhists have the patent? If you do, just give it up because that sort of thinking is a major obstacle to your practice.

His aging eyes grew dim and the lady that worshipped him
Sat cryin' on a chair beside his bed
Her hands caressed his brow and she said it's alright now
And as he slowly slipped away he said....

In my next life I want to be your hero
Somethin' better than I turned out to be
I've lived this life behind the plough and harrow
In my next life I'll make you proud of me...

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