Friday, December 21, 2007

Tibeto-Logic and Thor-bu

Here is a well written blog by a guy named Dan. Think of it as a curiosity shop filled with old stuff you buy, take home, and immediately misplace. You find it later, decide you never use it and therefore don't need it, so you sell it. Likely as not, Dan buys it, and puts it back on the shelf. You then discover you needed it after all, so you wind up buying it again!

We once had the unsettling experience of listening to a rather inexperienced (he didn't read Tibetan and had yet to attempt his three-year retreat) western monk complain about western scholars (who do read Tibetan and have completed their three-year retreats). "They are always so... certain of themselves," he said, uncertainly. "It''s... arrogant!"

Don't know why, but it puts one in mind of Mark Twain's comment to the effect that when he was young, his father was stupid. However, as he got older, he was surprised to find out how much his old man had learned.

Subscribe to Tibeto-Logic, and you'll be surprised to find out how much the old man learned.

While you're at it, subscribe to Thor bu, as well, and be surprised to find out how much the young man learned.

Note: This item illustrated with rabbit picture because (a) we wanted an excuse, and (b) have just named two latest rabbits "Tibeto," and "Thorbu."

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