Monday, October 04, 2010

Please Stop This Wickedness

The online magazine elephant journal is running with a comprehensive list of firms that engage in live animal testing. Please follow the link, and familiarize yourself with the names of those companies. 

Please, do not buy their products.

Write them letters, and tell them why you are not buying their products.

Contact news organizations, and give them copies of those letters and any response you may receive.

As everyone who reads this blog well knows, I am particularly fond of rabbits. To me, the above photograph is horrific. The patriarch of my house rabbit clan -- Old Rabbit -- was himself an escapee from a laboratory. He was blind in one eye as a result of cosmetics testing.

Rabbits are extremely intelligent creatures. They know much, much more than people commonly suppose. 

Please look at the faces of the laboratory rabbits in the above photograph.

If we are to live in a humane society, the use of animals in laboratory testing cannot be allowed to continue. It does not matter if they are rabbits or some other animals. This simply cannot be permitted to go on.

If enough of us make waves -- if together, we can raise public awareness, and arrange economic impact by means of organized boycotts -- then the companies using animals for testing purposes will no longer have any incentive to do so.

We have to put a stop to this.

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1 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Many of the large companies like Johnson and Johnson have many subdivisions in other names to help hide the links to their products and branding that actually engage in the testing.

Also foreign divisions that do animal testing to help avoid laws in relatively civilized places like California.

Animal testing in China. Can you imagine the horrors? Animals in general don't fair well in China let alone the testing ones.

There should be non profits doing legal work to stop this stuff. One should make a list of places to support.

Many prescription drugs and things such as birth control products are especially horrific for animal testing. Like abortion, all forms of cruelty to living beings like this are about as opposed to Buddha's teachings as one can get. Vote and lobby your political representatives appropriately!

All the major monotheistic Eternalistic religions ignore animals to varying degrees. Check out the horrors of "halal slaughter" on YouTube for another example of barbarity to

Rabbits would not fair well with halal slaughter just as other animals don't. Check for "certified humane" marks on meat at the store if you must eat meat and raise awareness of barbaric fundamentalist religious slaughter methods that are not neccesary at this time!