Monday, October 04, 2010

Early Photographs of Tibet Auctioned

A remarkable collection of seventy-two photographs from Tibet, taken during the 1903 Younghusband incursion, are to be auctioned in London this week, where they are expected to bring GBP 15,000 (around USD $23,000).

The Daily Mail is carrying the complete story, and it is really worth a click to see the photograph of some seriously dreadlocked Tibetan nuns, smiling for the camera.

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1 reader comments:

Dan said...

Badu-la was not a Chinese (as in the picture label) and neither was he an Amban (as in the comments).

He was a physician UNDER the Panchen Lama.

Go here to find out the very shocking story that implicates the photo:

Or go to Googlebooks and search for the term Tashi together with Badula.

That way it may be possible to find something nearer the truth