Monday, October 18, 2010

Milarepa's Advice to the Demoness

"Do you think you are happy now? You confused,
wretched hag!
If you have not found happiness, it is your
own fault.
Beware! Your clinging-to-Ego is greater
than yourself;

Pay heed! Your emotions are stronger
than yourself.
Oh, specter, your vicious will is far
wickeder than yourself;
Your habitual thought is more characteristic
than yourself;
Your ceaseless mental activity is more
frantic than yourself!

To maintain the existence of a ghost,
Only brings about mischief;
To understand the non-existence of a ghost
is the way of Buddha;
To know that ghost and Reality are one
Is the way to Liberation.
Knowing that the ghosts are all one's parents
Is the right understanding;
Realizing that the ghost itself is Self-mind
Is glory supreme.

You will be emancipated from all fetters
If you realize the truth that I have stated;
This is my instruction to you, demoness!

To become my disciple you must observe the
Violate not the rules of Vajrayana,
Debase not the great Compassion,
Afflict not the body, word, and mind of Buddhists.
If you ever violate these rules,
You can be assured of plummeting to
the Vajra Hell!
Recite these important rules three times;
Remember their meaning and practice them."

The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
Garma C.C. Chang translation


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1 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

At first I read this and thought this message was directly for me. Then, I realized I was projecting. Still, thanks for the insight. :)