Sunday, June 14, 2015

How Green Was My Valley

Last night, red light in the west gave instruction in highlights along the east side of the San Bernardino Mountains. 

I took this photograph standing in my front yard. You might say, "How beautiful." You might say, "How fortunate." You might say something about the photograph; but, if you do, you will miss the message.

Heaven itself called attention to the terrible damage done to Eastern California by absolutely unsupervised, unregulated, and irresponsible foreign mining corporations. 

This is taking place in lands surrounded by what are called "Desert Act" lands. In some cases, this mining has breached boundaries into national forest lands, in addition to Desert Act violations.

In the photograph, above, you can see that the entire eastern face of the San Bernardinos has been destroyed forever.

They blast up there, with dynamite. They work at night, so you can't see the full extent of the dust violations. Their trucks tear up the highways, and contribute to the danger of already dangerous roads. 

In the 1960s, we would get out the word. In the 1960s, we would get out the guitars. In the 1960s, we would get out. We would call attention to the situation with art, and music, and love. Picketing dancers. Flowers to the drivers of the dangerous trucks. Signs, and shouts; sit-in, and silliness.

So, how do y'all stop something like this now?

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