Friday, October 08, 2010

California Rinchen Terzod Canceled: Updated

Here is the official text of the announcement:
We're sorry to inform you that due to some very difficult circumstances we will have to postpone the Rinchen Terzod with Ven. Yangthang Rinpoche previously scheduled for November of 2010 at Orgyen Dorje Den. Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche and our Sangha still remain hopeful that the program can happen at some point in the future, but we wanted to share this disappointing news so that you can plan accordingly.
The Orgyen Dorje Den Board of Directors 
I do not like to criticize just for the sake of criticism, and I have tremendous personal fondness for Orgyen Dorje Den, but somebody needs to let them know -- this has to be the most poorly planned, poorly communicated, and irresponsibly managed major dharma event in recent memory. 

You will recall that when they first announced the event, they began by famously broadcasting advice not to contact them with questions. This went on for months.

Then they scheduled the event -- and started accepting money -- without having a visa in hand for Yangthang Rinpoche and his entourage, and most glaring of all -- they gave absolutely no thought to the impact of such an event on other peoples' lives. I know some people who have been terribly inconvenienced by all of this -- and they are hopping mad.

For example: in an event lasting four months, which will draw enormous attention all over America, where (and how) do you house hundreds of people?

Everyone on the West Coast would definitely like to see the Rinchen Terzod held as soon as possible, but I am not convinced Orgyen Dorje Den is the proper venue. I think they should reach out to the rural centers -- Tharchin Rinpoche's place in Santa Cruz comes to mind, and Tashi Choling in Oregon  seems like a natural -- where at least a tent city could be accommodated, communal meals served, and so forth, and then spend serious effort on planning.

I apologize for being so blunt, and direct, but this needs to be fixed before it will fly.

UPDATED: Should an event having the magnitude of the Rinchen Terzod be hosted by one organization alone, or should it be a cooperative effort involving all organizations in the western states?

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3 reader comments:

Cliff said...

Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche, I appreciate your bluntness and directness. Thank you as always. I hope and pray that we can all gather in one mandala to receive and realize the Rinchen Terzod.

Anonymous said...

No matter how close one gets the parking ticket still needs to be paid...

Drums of Dharma said...

It should be a cooperative effort with plenty of offerings and positive force/merit generation for the success of the project. Perhaps an organized puja that is performed especially for the event to harmonize the group effort.In short, get all the subtle causes in favorable conditions for the auspicious conditions to arise.

Circumambulate those stupas! Recite and give those sutras! Dedicate the merits for all sentient beings! How about a few more sets of water bowls?

This is recommended advice for the organizers of the events. Build up that merit base so that your ambition of bringing the Buddhadharma to others can be realized with all the auspicious signs.

We all can help out, no matter what tradition or lineage. The Buddhadharma is the Buddhadharma. No signs. No marks.