Friday, October 15, 2010

California Rinchen Terzod On Again!

The Rinchen Terzod which was canceled last week is on again --  here is the official text of the announcement:
Dear Sangha,

This evening Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche called and spoke with Gyatrul Rinpoche and Lama Chonam. He has confirmed that his health is strong and affirmed clearly that he intends to come to Orgyen Dorje Den to bestow the Rinchen Terzod.  He said that "Gyatrul Rinpoche has asked me and the students are expecting me and so this is the year! I have every intention of giving the Rinchen Terzod and fulfilling this request."

We are sorry for the postponement--but it appears our merit may actually be sufficient for the transmission to occur!
We still have some logistical issues to work out, but we think we should be able to start the wangchen on Friday, November 26th.

We just heard the good news and wanted to let you all know just as soon as possible; the duration and suggested donation remain the same as was previously announced, but as we get more information regarding the starting date and the daily schedule we will let you know.


The Oryen Dorje Den Board of Directors
That is the latest. Apart from one small motel in Alameda, California that is not giving a particularly favorable "group rate," there is no logistics assistance coming forth at this hour.

Nevertheless, this is great news. If it happens, the Rinchen Terzod on the West Coast is a long-awaited event, and will attract a large number of participants. Where, in the Bay Area,  these hundreds of people are going to stay for three or four months -- during high season, with hotels and rooms already booked months in advance -- has yet to be revealed.

UPDATED: One of our regular readers suggested as a possible solution to the billeting issue. Don't know much about them, never had occasion to use them, but here is the link anyway.

I used to maintain a residence in the charming island town of Alameda, California -- the very first time Gyatrul Rinpoche visited the place it was to visit my "lagoon" -- and the first thing that jumps to my mind is, where do they expect to park the cars? If only 150 people show up, it will create a parking nightmare in that part of town. If 1,500 people show up? Forget about it. Maybe I am over-estimating attendance?

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4 reader comments:

Drums of Dharma said...

May the auspicious conditions arise for this great event... For the benefit of all sentient beings. Namo Buddha!

Anonymous said...

Craigs List would be a good place to start for short-term rentals in the area, and also the UC Berkeley Student Housing Office might have ideas to tell people where to look even if they restrict housing listings to UC Berkeley Students.

One can also place a notice in craigslist for "housing wanted" and explain the purpose. Individuals may come forward.

How wonderful!

Cliff said...

On again is way better than off. Where will the tent city and soup kitchen be?

Editor said...

Dear -- pointing fingers person. Your motivation will condition your result.