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Weekly Tibetan Astrology: November 1 - November 7, 2010

NOTE: Last week we endured a tsunami, a volcano, numerous earthquakes, hurricanes, and terrorist plots. What did we say last week? "It is not out of the question to expect political turmoil, sudden violence, accidents, military or paramilitary action, geological upset, and damaging storms." Hope you developed a fine coping mechanism, because this week is no prize either. The theme all week is the roller coaster of discord, discontent, and economic tension -- sort of like marriage with teen-aged children, but on a global scale. This is election week in America, which should strike fear not only in America, but in the rest of the world as well -- expect a backlash, and disruption.  Also expect stock market  and/or currency fluctuation news. When things are the way they are, you will find useful information and assistance in the gathering clouds of inseparable appearance and emptiness, the natural form of compassion,  as depicted in the antique tangkha above -- in this case taking the form of Kurukulle, but not necessarily limited thereto in all cases.

People are asking me, "Are you on some kind of a negative trip?" No, I am just looking at the way it rolls: jarok-water-fire(-/-), dulwa-fire-fire(+/+), pel-water-wind(+/-), ze-wind-wind(-/+), tunshing-earth-wind(-/-), drub-earth-wind(+/-), tsaton-fire-fire(-/+), if you want to look at it right out of the box.

If you want to pull in the full blown Kalachakra system, you have water-wind transiting to water-wind (-/-) under pelpu transiting to dorje (+/-) on November 1st; fire-wind transiting to fire-wind (+/+) under zhon transiting to jarok (+/-) on the 2nd; water-wind transiting to water-wind (-/-) under duyuk transiting to ten (-/-) indicating trouble for government, on the 3rd; then between the 3rd and 4th you have a zin phung buried; on the 4th it is wind-wind transiting to wind-wind (+/+) under dulwa transiting to pel (+/+); 5th is earth-earth to earth-earth (+/+) under ze moving in change (-/-), and then on the 6th it is tunshing transiting to langpo (-/+) in a earth-earth moving to earth-water (+/+) scenario.

On a lighter note...

As mentioned last week, there are arguably more Tibetan Buddhists in and around the City of San Francisco than anywhere else in the United States. Many of these noble, upright, and worthy individuals also happen to enjoy the highly symbolic and deeply mystical game of baseball. As a courtesy, we have published scheduling notes for the 2010 World Series of Baseball, in which the San Francisco team plays a major role.
Now, due to causes and conditions arising from the ocean of merit developed during countless previous lifetimes, the San Francisco Giants are in the process of overcoming the forces of darkness, in what only seems like the 2010 World Series of Baseball -- but is actually precursor to apocalyptic struggles during the reign of the 32nd King of Shambala -- but, never mind about all that. 
Here at Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar, we serve an extremely wide audience, so we have elected to embody the perfection of equanimity and remain completely neutral, balanced, and objective throughout the whole matter. 
We have printed this is small type because we recognize not everyone cares about baseball, just as not everyone cares about democracy, motherhood, animal rescue, a cure for cancer, or enlightenment in one lifetime.

November 1, 2010 - Chinese 25th, M-T-K 25th. Tiger, Li, Green 4. Dakini Day. When you drink water, consider the well. In the context of both a lineage and tradition shared by many, today is an extremely important anniversary, i.e. the anniversary of Adzom Drukpa Drodul Pawo Dorje, Ösal Dorje Sangdzö (1842 - 1924) -- who, in many ways, could be claimed as a progenitor of the sublime Ati as it has reached the West. So, I would like to say that if you are a student of Dzogchen, you should make an effort to familiarize yourself with the profound way that Adzom Drukpa has touched your life. In terms of the Western calendar, today is 11-1-10 and is attended by extremely negative influences, auguring death and destruction by means of conflict, acts of a warlike nature, and so forth. Very negative economic aspects. Giants vs Rangers, at some godforsaken, scorpion-infested wasteland between California and New York, because it seems the forces of darkness have impeded the forces of righteousness in Game Three, before order was restored in Game Four, 4-0. UPDATED: That is that. San Francisco Giants win 2010 World Series of Baseball.

November 2, 2010 - Chinese 26th, M-T-K 26th. Rabbit, Khon, Yellow 5. Today is Election Day in the United States: an exercise in the triumph of advertising over reason. Nevertheless, to the extent that yesterday's energies can be avoided, we see slight positive trends are possible today. I guess that means every cloud has a silver lining -- or, them that are voted in are no worse than them who are voted out.

November 3, 2010 - Chinese 27th, M-T-K 27th. Dragon, Dwa, White 6. Some slight increase possible, but at risk of disunity. Trouble in high places. 

November 4, 2010 - Chinese 29th, M-T-K 28th. Horse, Kham, White 8. Note omitted day in Chinese practice. Economic issues will dominate.

November 5, 2010 - Chinese 30th, M-T-K 29th. Sheep, Gin, Red 9. Worry leading to great diminishing of energy and assets.

November 6, 2010 - Chinese 1st day of 10th lunar month, M-T-K 30th. Monkey, Zin, White 1.  Today is a toss-up. On the one hand, you can be successful. On the other hand, you can exhaust yourself and your resources in the process. Today is 10-1-10 (or 1-10-10) on the lunar calendar, or Double Top Secret Binary Day, so take a programmer to lunch.

November 7, 2010 - Chinese 2nd, M-T-K 1st day of the 10th lunar month. Bird, Zon, Black 2. Wake up at 2:00 a.m. to set the clock back one hour? O.K., if you really must, but while you're up, make sure all the towels are straight, and the cans are lined up in the cupboard. Another toss-up day like yesterday, but in some ways, the exact reverse. Stick to the home front.

Naga observations for the ninth  month: In general, I want to say it is very bad to cut trees this month. Best days for offerings are lunar 12, 17, 27, and 29. Studiously avoid 6, 10, 13, 16, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 26. Naga observations for the tenth month. The nagas are sleeping this month. No offerings are useful. Don't raise flags on the 7th or 19th lunar days.

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Don Croner said...

It should be obvious to all that Tim Lincecum is General Hanuman.

Editor said...

He strikes fear into the hearts of the barbarians, and represents a primal force. At 90 to 95 miles per hour.