Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You to Veterans

When we consider the great benefits this country has afforded to Tibetan Buddhist teachers and institutions, it is important to recognize the men and women who dedicated their lives to defense and preservation of the freedoms that make it possible.

On Veteran's Day, 2010, we extend our deepest respect and gratitude.

Dharma is again heard in Afghanistan, thanks to a joint effort

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5 reader comments:

Don Croner said...

Still waiting for the George Patton post.

Don Croner said...

You should consider reviving the Order of Buddhist Warriors first advocated by Roman “The Bloody Baron” von Ungern-Sternberg in Mongolia in the early 1920s. There’s a niche here waiting to be filled!

Editor said...

Been there.
Done that.

Anonymous said...

Who is the lama?
Are the soldiers in the foto buddhists?
Where exactly, or almost exactly, was the foto taken?
It would be great to know a bit more about the foto.

Editor said...

Want a GPS and a target folder?